Data Structures

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Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
GSAccountingClass that keeps track of the costs, so you can request how much a block of commands did cost in total
GSAdminClass that handles communication with the AdminPort
GSAirportClass that handles all airport related functions
GSBaseClass that handles some basic functions
GSBaseStationBase class for stations and waypoints
GSBridgeClass that handles all bridge related functions
GSBridgeListCreate a list of bridges types
GSBridgeList_LengthCreate a list of bridges types that can be built on a specific length
GSCargoClass that handles all cargo related functions
GSCargoListCreates a list of cargoes that can be produced in the current game
GSCargoList_IndustryAcceptingCreates a list of cargoes that the given industry accepts
GSCargoList_IndustryProducingCreates a list of cargoes that the given industry can produce
GSCargoList_StationAcceptingCreates a list of cargoes that the given station accepts
GSCompanyClass that handles all company related functions
GSCompanyModeClass to switch the current company
GSControllerThe Controller, the class each GS should extend
GSDateClass that handles all date related (calculation) functions
GSDepotListCreates a list of the locations of the depots (and hangars) of which you are the owner
GSEngineClass that handles all engine related functions
GSEngineListCreate a list of engines based on a vehicle type
GSErrorClass that handles all error related functions
GSEventClass that handles all event related functions
GSEventAdminPortEvent Admin Port, indicating the admin port is sending you information
GSEventCompanyBankruptEvent Company Bankrupt, indicating a company has gone bankrupt
GSEventCompanyInTroubleEvent Company In Trouble, indicating a company is in trouble and might go bankrupt soon
GSEventCompanyMergerEvent Company Merger, indicating a company has been bought by another company
GSEventCompanyNewEvent Company New, indicating a new company has been created
GSEventControllerClass that handles all event related functions
GSEventGoalQuestionAnswerEvent Goal Question Answer, where you receive the answer given to your questions
GSEventIndustryCloseEvent Industry Close, indicating an industry is going to be closed
GSEventIndustryOpenEvent Industry Open, indicating a new industry has been created
GSEventStationFirstVehicleEvent Station First Vehicle, indicating a station has been visited by a vehicle for the first time
GSEventSubsidyAwardedEvent Subidy Awarded, indicating a subsidy is awarded to some company
GSEventSubsidyExpiredEvent Subsidy Expired, indicating a route that was once subsidized no longer is
GSEventSubsidyOfferEvent Subsidy Offered, indicating someone offered a subsidy
GSEventSubsidyOfferExpiredEvent Subsidy Offer Expired, indicating a subsidy will no longer be awarded
GSEventTownFoundedEvent Town Founded, indicating a new town has been created
GSEventVehicleCrashedEvent Vehicle Crash, indicating a vehicle of yours is crashed
GSEventWindowWidgetClickEvent Window Widget Click, when a user clicks on a highlighted widget
GSExecModeClass to switch current mode to Execute Mode
GSGameClass that handles some game related functions
GSGameSettingsClass that handles all game settings related functions
GSGoalClass that handles some goal related functions
GSIndustryClass that handles all industry related functions
GSIndustryListCreates a list of industries that are currently on the map
GSIndustryList_CargoAcceptingCreates a list of industries that accepts a given cargo
GSIndustryList_CargoProducingCreates a list of industries that can produce a given cargo
GSIndustryTypeClass that handles all industry-type related functions
GSIndustryTypeListCreates a list of valid industry types
GSInfo'Abstract' class of the GSs use to register themselves
GSInfrastructureClass that handles all company infrastructure related functions
GSListClass that creates a list which can keep item/value pairs, which you can walk
GSLogClass that handles all log related functions
GSMapClass that handles all map related functions
GSMarineClass that handles all marine related functions
GSNewsClass that handles news messages
GSOrderClass that handles all order related functions
GSRailClass that handles all rail related functions
GSRailTypeListCreates a list of all available railtypes
GSRoadClass that handles all road related functions
GSSignClass that handles all sign related functions
GSSignListCreate a list of signs your company has created
GSStationClass that handles all station related functions
GSStationListCreates a list of stations of which you are the owner
GSStationList_VehicleCreates a list of stations which the vehicle has in its orders
GSSubsidyClass that handles all subsidy related functions
GSSubsidyListCreates a list of all current subsidies
GSTestModeClass to switch current mode to Test Mode
GSTextClass that handles all text related functions
GSTileClass that handles all tile related functions
GSTileListCreates an empty list, in which you can add tiles
GSTileList_IndustryAcceptingCreates a list of tiles that will accept cargo for the given industry
GSTileList_IndustryProducingCreates a list of tiles which the industry checks to see if a station is there to receive cargo produced by this industry
GSTileList_StationTypeCreates a list of tiles which have the requested StationType of the StationID
GSTownClass that handles all town related functions
GSTownEffectListCreates a list of all TownEffects known in the game
GSTownListCreates a list of towns that are currently on the map
GSTunnelClass that handles all tunnel related functions
GSVehicleClass that handles all vehicle related functions
GSVehicleListCreates a list of vehicles of which you are the owner
GSVehicleList_DepotCreates a list of vehicles that have orders to a given depot
GSVehicleList_SharedOrdersCreates a list of vehicles that share orders
GSVehicleList_StationCreates a list of vehicles that have orders to a given station
GSViewportClass that manipultes the users viewport
GSWaypointClass that handles all waypoint related functions
GSWaypointListCreates a list of waypoints of which you are the owner
GSWaypointList_VehicleCreates a list of waypoints which the vehicle has in its orders
GSWindowClass that handles window interaction

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