GSWindow Class Reference

Class that handles window interaction. More...

Public Types

enum  WindowNumberEnum {
 Window numbers. More...
enum  WindowClass {
 Window classes. More...
enum  TextColour {
 The colours in the game which you can use for text and highlights. More...
enum  NumberType { NUMBER_ALL }
 Special number values. More...
enum  WidgetType { WIDGET_ALL }
 Special widget values. More...
enum  AIListWidgets {
 Widgets of the AIListWindow class. More...
enum  AISettingsWidgets {
 Widgets of the AISettingsWindow class. More...
enum  AIConfigWidgets {
 Widgets of the AIConfigWindow class. More...
enum  AIDebugWidgets {
 Widgets of the AIDebugWindow class. More...
enum  AirportToolbarWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildAirToolbarWindow class. More...
enum  AirportPickerWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildAirportWindow class. More...
enum  ReplaceVehicleWidgets {
 Widgets of the ReplaceVehicleWindow class. More...
enum  BootstrapBackgroundWidgets { WID_BB_BACKGROUND }
 Widgets of the BootstrapBackground class. More...
enum  BootstrapAskForDownloadWidgets {
 Widgets of the BootstrapContentDownloadStatusWindow class. More...
enum  BuildBridgeSelectionWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildBridgeWindow class. More...
enum  BuildVehicleWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildVehicleWindow class. More...
enum  CheatWidgets { WID_C_PANEL }
 Widgets of the CheatWindow class. More...
enum  CompanyWidgets {
 Widgets of the CompanyWindow class. More...
enum  CompanyFinancesWidgets {
 Widgets of the CompanyFinancesWindow class. More...
enum  SelectCompanyLiveryWidgets {
 Widgets of the SelectCompanyLiveryWindow class. More...
enum  SelectCompanyManagerFaceWidgets {
 Widgets of the SelectCompanyManagerFaceWindow class. More...
enum  CompanyInfrastructureWidgets {
 Widgets of the CompanyInfrastructureWindow class. More...
enum  BuyCompanyWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuyCompanyWindow class. More...
enum  ConsoleWidgets { WID_C_BACKGROUND }
 Widgets of the IConsoleWindow class. More...
enum  SetDateWidgets {
 Widgets of the SetDateWindow class. More...
enum  DepotWidgets {
 Widgets of the DepotWindow class. More...
enum  BuildDockDepotWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildDocksDepotWindow class. More...
enum  DockToolbarWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildDocksToolbarWindow class. More...
enum  DropdownMenuWidgets {
 Widgets of the DropdownWindow class. More...
enum  EnginePreviewWidgets {
 Widgets of the EnginePreviewWindow class. More...
enum  ErrorMessageWidgets {
 Widgets of the ErrmsgWindow class. More...
enum  SaveLoadWidgets {
 Widgets of the SaveLoadWindow class. More...
enum  GenerateLandscapeWidgets {
 Widgets of the GenerateLandscapeWindow class. More...
enum  CreateScenarioWidgets {
 Widgets of the CreateScenarioWindow class. More...
enum  GenerationProgressWidgets {
 Widgets of the GenerateProgressWindow class. More...
enum  GoalListWidgets {
 Widgets of the GoalListWindow class. More...
enum  GoalQuestionWidgets {
 Widgets of the GoalQuestionWindow class. More...
enum  GraphLegendWidgets {
 Widgets of the GraphLegendWindow class. More...
enum  CompanyValueWidgets {
 Widgets of the OperatingProfitGraphWindow class, IncomeGraphWindow class, DeliveredCargoGraphWindow class, and CompanyValueGraphWindow class. More...
enum  PerformanceHistoryGraphWidgets {
 Widget of the PerformanceHistoryGraphWindow class. More...
enum  CargoPaymentRatesWidgets {
 Widget of the PaymentRatesGraphWindow class. More...
enum  CompanyLeagueWidgets { WID_CL_BACKGROUND }
 Widget of the CompanyLeagueWindow class. More...
enum  PerformanceRatingDetailsWidgets {
 Widget of the PerformanceRatingDetailWindow class. More...
enum  GroupListWidgets {
 Widgets of the VehicleGroupWindow class. More...
enum  HighscoreWidgets { WID_H_BACKGROUND }
 Widgets of the EndGameHighScoreBaseWindow class and HighScoreWindow class. More...
enum  DynamicPlaceIndustriesWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildIndustryWindow class. More...
enum  IndustryViewWidgets {
 Widgets of the IndustryViewWindow class. More...
enum  IndustryDirectoryWidgets {
 Widgets of the IndustryDirectoryWindow class. More...
enum  IndustryCargoesWidgets {
 Widgets of the IndustryCargoesWindow class. More...
enum  SelectGameIntroWidgets {
 Widgets of the SelectGameWindow class. More...
enum  MainWidgets { WID_M_VIEWPORT }
 Widgets of the MainWindow class. More...
enum  LandInfoWidgets { WID_LI_BACKGROUND }
 Widgets of the LandInfoWindow class. More...
enum  ToolTipsWidgets { WID_TT_BACKGROUND }
 Widgets of the TooltipsWindow class. More...
enum  AboutWidgets {
 Widgets of the AboutWindow class. More...
enum  QueryStringWidgets {
 Widgets of the QueryStringWindow class. More...
enum  QueryWidgets {
 Widgets of the QueryWindow class. More...
enum  MusicTrackSelectionWidgets {
 Widgets of the MusicTrackSelectionWindow class. More...
enum  MusicWidgets {
 Widgets of the MusicWindow class. More...
enum  NetWorkChatWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkChatWindow class. More...
enum  NetworkContentDownloadStatusWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkContentDownloadStatusWindow class. More...
enum  NetworkContentListWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkContentListWindow class. More...
enum  NetworkGameWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkGameWindow class. More...
enum  NetworkStartServerWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkStartServerWindow class. More...
enum  NetworkLobbyWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkLobbyWindow class. More...
enum  ClientListWidgets { WID_CL_PANEL }
 Widgets of the NetworkClientListWindow class. More...
enum  ClientListPopupWidgets { WID_CLP_PANEL }
 Widgets of the NetworkClientListPopupWindow class. More...
enum  NetworkJoinStatusWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkJoinStatusWindow class. More...
enum  NetworkCompanyPasswordWidgets {
 Widgets of the NetworkCompanyPasswordWindow class. More...
enum  NewGRFInspectWidgets {
 Widgets of the NewGRFInspectWindow class. More...
enum  SpriteAlignerWidgets {
 Widgets of the SpriteAlignerWindow class. More...
enum  NewGRFParametersWidgets {
 Widgets of the NewGRFParametersWindow class. More...
enum  NewGRFStateWidgets {
 Widgets of the NewGRFWindow class. More...
enum  ScanProgressWidgets {
 Widgets of the ScanProgressWindow class. More...
enum  TextfileWidgets {
 Widgets of the TextfileWindow class. More...
enum  NewsWidgets {
 Widgets of the NewsWindow class. More...
enum  MessageHistoryWidgets {
 Widgets of the MessageHistoryWindow class. More...
enum  MessageOptionWidgets {
 Widgets of the MessageOptionsWindow class. More...
enum  BuildObjectWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildObjectWindow class. More...
enum  OrderWidgets {
 Widgets of the OrdersWindow class. More...
enum  OnScreenKeyboardWidgets {
 Widgets of the OskWindow class. More...
enum  RailToolbarWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildRailToolbarWindow ckass. More...
enum  BuildRailStationWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildRailStationWindow class. More...
enum  BuildSignalWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildSignalWindow class. More...
enum  BuildRailDepotWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildRailDepotWindow class. More...
enum  BuildRailWaypointWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildRailWaypointWindow class. More...
enum  RoadToolbarWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildRoadToolbarWindow class. More...
enum  BuildRoadDepotWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildRoadDepotWindow class. More...
enum  BuildRoadStationWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildRoadStationWindow class. More...
enum  GameOptionsWidgets {
 Widgets of the GameOptionsWindow class. More...
enum  GameDifficultyWidgets {
 Widgets of the GameDifficultyWindow class. More...
enum  GameSettingsWidgets {
 Widgets of the GameSettingsWindow class. More...
enum  CustomCurrencyWidgets {
 Widgets of the CustomCurrencyWindow class. More...
enum  SignListWidgets {
 Widgets of the SignListWindow class. More...
enum  QueryEditSignWidgets {
 Widgets of the SignWindow class. More...
enum  SmallMapWidgets {
 Widgets of the SmallMapWindow class. More...
enum  StationViewWidgets {
 Widgets of the StationViewWindow class. More...
enum  StationListWidgets {
 Widgets of the CompanyStationsWindow class. More...
enum  JoinStationWidgets {
 Widgets of the SelectStationWindow class. More...
enum  StatusbarWidget {
 Widgets of the StatusBarWindow class. More...
enum  SubsidyListWidgets {
 Widgets of the SubsidyListWindow class. More...
enum  TerraformToolbarWidgets {
 Widgets of the TerraformToolbarWindow class. More...
enum  EditorTerraformToolbarWidgets {
 Widgets of the ScenarioEditorLandscapeGenerationWindow class. More...
enum  VehicleTimetableWidgets {
 Widgets of the TimetableWindow class. More...
enum  ToolbarNormalWidgets {
 Widgets of the MainToolbarWindow class. More...
enum  ToolbarEditorWidgets {
 Widgets of the ScenarioEditorToolbarWindow class. More...
enum  TownDirectoryWidgets {
 Widgets of the TownDirectoryWindow class. More...
enum  TownAuthorityWidgets {
 Widgets of the TownAuthorityWindow class. More...
enum  TownViewWidgets {
 Widgets of the TownViewWindow class. More...
enum  TownFoundingWidgets {
 Widgets of the FoundTownWindow class. More...
enum  TransparencyToolbarWidgets {
 Widgets of the TransparenciesWindow class. More...
enum  BuildTreesWidgets {
 Widgets of the BuildTreesWindow class. More...
enum  VehicleViewWidgets {
 Widgets of the VehicleViewWindow class. More...
enum  VehicleRefitWidgets {
 Widgets of the RefitWindow class. More...
enum  VehicleDetailsWidgets {
 Widgets of the VehicleDetailsWindow class. More...
enum  VehicleListWidgets {
 Widgets of the VehicleListWindow class. More...
enum  ExtraViewportWidgets {
 Widgets of the ExtraViewportWindow class. More...
enum  WaypointWidgets {
 Widgets of the WaypointWindow class. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void Close (WindowClass window, uint32 number)
 Close a window.
static bool IsOpen (WindowClass window, uint32 number)
 Check if a window is open.
static void Highlight (WindowClass window, uint32 number, uint8 widget, TextColour colour)
 Highlight a widget in a window.

Detailed Description

Class that handles window interaction.

A Window in OpenTTD has two imporant values. The WindowClass, and a Window number. The first indicates roughly which window it is. WC_TOWN_VIEW for example, is the view of a town. The Window number is a bit more complex, as it depends mostly on the WindowClass. For example for WC_TOWN_VIEW it is the TownID. In general a good rule of thumb is: either the number is always 0, or the ID of the object in question. In the comment at the widget enum, it is mentioned how the number is used.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Window numbers.

WN_QUERY_STRING  Query string.
WN_QUERY_STRING_SIGN  Query string for signs.
WN_CONFIRM_POPUP_QUERY  Query popup confirm.
WN_CONFIRM_POPUP_QUERY_BOOTSTRAP  Query popup confirm for bootstrap.
WN_NETWORK_WINDOW_GAME  Network game window.
WN_NETWORK_WINDOW_LOBBY  Network lobby window.
WN_NETWORK_WINDOW_START  Network start server.
WN_NETWORK_STATUS_WINDOW_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD  Network content download status.

Window classes.

WC_MAIN_WINDOW  Main window; Window numbers:
WC_MAIN_TOOLBAR  Main toolbar (the long bar at the top); Window numbers:
WC_STATUS_BAR  Statusbar (at the bottom of your screen); Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_TOOLBAR  Build toolbar; Window numbers:
WC_SCEN_BUILD_TOOLBAR  Scenario build toolbar; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_TREES  Build trees toolbar; Window numbers:
WC_TRANSPARENCY_TOOLBAR  Transparency toolbar; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_SIGNAL  Build signal toolbar; Window numbers:
WC_SMALLMAP  Small map; Window numbers:
WC_ERRMSG  Error message; Window numbers:
WC_TOOLTIPS  Tooltip window; Window numbers:
WC_QUERY_STRING  Query string window; Window numbers:
WC_CONFIRM_POPUP_QUERY  Popup with confirm question; Window numbers:
WC_GOAL_QUESTION  Popup with a set of buttons, designed to ask the user a question from a GameGS.

Window numbers:

WC_SAVELOAD  Saveload window; Window numbers:
WC_LAND_INFO  Land info window; Window numbers:
WC_DROPDOWN_MENU  Drop down menu; Window numbers:
WC_OSK  On Screen Keyboard; Window numbers:
WC_SET_DATE  Set date; Window numbers:
WC_AI_SETTINGS  AI settings; Window numbers:
WC_GRF_PARAMETERS  NewGRF parameters; Window numbers:
WC_TEXTFILE  textfile; Window numbers:
  • 0 = NewGRFTextfileWidgets
WC_TOWN_AUTHORITY  Town authority; Window numbers:
WC_VEHICLE_DETAILS  Vehicle details; Window numbers:
WC_VEHICLE_REFIT  Vehicle refit; Window numbers:
WC_VEHICLE_ORDERS  Vehicle orders; Window numbers:
WC_REPLACE_VEHICLE  Replace vehicle window; Window numbers:
WC_VEHICLE_TIMETABLE  Vehicle timetable; Window numbers:
WC_COMPANY_COLOUR  Company colour selection; Window numbers:
WC_COMPANY_MANAGER_FACE  Alter company face window; Window numbers:
WC_SELECT_STATION  Select station (when joining stations); Window numbers:
WC_NEWS_WINDOW  News window; Window numbers:
WC_TOWN_DIRECTORY  Town directory; Window numbers:
WC_SUBSIDIES_LIST  Subsidies list; Window numbers:
WC_INDUSTRY_DIRECTORY  Industry directory; Window numbers:
WC_MESSAGE_HISTORY  News history list; Window numbers:
WC_SIGN_LIST  Sign list; Window numbers:
WC_AI_LIST  AI list; Window numbers:
WC_GOALS_LIST  Goals list; Window numbers:
WC_STATION_LIST  Station list; Window numbers:
WC_TRAINS_LIST  Trains list; Window numbers:
WC_ROADVEH_LIST  Road vehicle list; Window numbers:
WC_SHIPS_LIST  Ships list; Window numbers:
WC_AIRCRAFT_LIST  Aircraft list; Window numbers:
WC_TOWN_VIEW  Town view; Window numbers:
WC_VEHICLE_VIEW  Vehicle view; Window numbers:
WC_STATION_VIEW  Station view; Window numbers:
WC_VEHICLE_DEPOT  Depot view; Window numbers:
WC_WAYPOINT_VIEW  Waypoint view; Window numbers:
WC_INDUSTRY_VIEW  Industry view; Window numbers:
WC_COMPANY  Company view; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_OBJECT  Build object; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_VEHICLE  Build vehicle; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_BRIDGE  Build bridge; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_STATION  Build station; Window numbers:
WC_BUS_STATION  Build bus station; Window numbers:
WC_TRUCK_STATION  Build truck station; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_DEPOT  Build depot; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_WAYPOINT  Build waypoint; Window numbers:
WC_FOUND_TOWN  Found a town; Window numbers:
WC_BUILD_INDUSTRY  Build industry; Window numbers:
WC_SELECT_GAME  Select game window; Window numbers:
WC_SCEN_LAND_GEN  Landscape generation (in Scenario Editor); Window numbers:
WC_GENERATE_LANDSCAPE  Generate landscape (newgame); Window numbers:
WC_MODAL_PROGRESS  Progress report of landscape generation; Window numbers:
WC_NETWORK_WINDOW  Network window; Window numbers:
WC_CLIENT_LIST  Client list; Window numbers:
WC_CLIENT_LIST_POPUP  Popup for the client list; Window numbers:
WC_NETWORK_STATUS_WINDOW  Network status window; Window numbers:
WC_SEND_NETWORK_MSG  Chatbox; Window numbers:
WC_COMPANY_PASSWORD_WINDOW  Company password query; Window numbers:
WC_INDUSTRY_CARGOES  Industry cargoes chain; Window numbers:
WC_GRAPH_LEGEND  Legend for graphs; Window numbers:
WC_FINANCES  Finances of a company; Window numbers:
WC_INCOME_GRAPH  Income graph; Window numbers:
WC_OPERATING_PROFIT  Operating profit graph; Window numbers:
WC_DELIVERED_CARGO  Delivered cargo graph; Window numbers:
WC_PERFORMANCE_HISTORY  Performance history graph; Window numbers:
WC_COMPANY_VALUE  Company value graph; Window numbers:
WC_COMPANY_LEAGUE  Company league window; Window numbers:
WC_PAYMENT_RATES  Payment rates graph; Window numbers:
WC_PERFORMANCE_DETAIL  Performance detail window; Window numbers:
WC_COMPANY_INFRASTRUCTURE  Company infrastructure overview; Window numbers:
WC_BUY_COMPANY  Buyout company (merger); Window numbers:
WC_ENGINE_PREVIEW  Engine preview window; Window numbers:
WC_MUSIC_WINDOW  Music window; Window numbers:
WC_MUSIC_TRACK_SELECTION  Music track selection; Window numbers:
  • 0 = MusicTrackSelectionWidgets.
WC_GAME_OPTIONS  Game options window; Window numbers:
WC_CUSTOM_CURRENCY  Custom currency; Window numbers:
WC_CHEATS  Cheat window; Window numbers:
WC_EXTRA_VIEW_PORT  Extra viewport; Window numbers:
WC_CONSOLE  Console; Window numbers:
WC_BOOTSTRAP  Bootstrap; Window numbers:
WC_HIGHSCORE  Highscore; Window numbers:
WC_ENDSCREEN  Endscreen; Window numbers:
WC_AI_DEBUG  AI debug window; Window numbers:
WC_NEWGRF_INSPECT  NewGRF inspect (debug); Window numbers:
WC_SPRITE_ALIGNER  Sprite aligner (debug); Window numbers:
WC_INVALID  Invalid window.

The colours in the game which you can use for text and highlights.

TC_BLUE  Blue colour.
TC_SILVER  Silver colour.
TC_GOLD  Gold colour.
TC_RED  Red colour.
TC_PURPLE  Purple colour.
TC_LIGHT_BROWN  Light brown colour.
TC_ORANGE  Orange colour.
TC_GREEN  Green colour.
TC_YELLOW  Yellow colour.
TC_DARK_GREEN  Dark green colour.
TC_CREAM  Cream colour.
TC_BROWN  Brown colour.
TC_WHITE  White colour.
TC_LIGHT_BLUE  Light blue colour.
TC_GREY  Grey colour.
TC_DARK_BLUE  Dark blue colour.
TC_BLACK  Black colour.
TC_INVALID  Invalid colour.

Special number values.

NUMBER_ALL  Value to select all windows of a class.

Special widget values.

WIDGET_ALL  Value to select all widgets of a window.

Widgets of the AIListWindow class.

WID_AIL_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_AIL_LIST  The matrix with all available AIs.
WID_AIL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar next to the AI list.
WID_AIL_INFO_BG  Panel to draw some AI information on.
WID_AIL_ACCEPT  Accept button.
WID_AIL_CANCEL  Cancel button.

Widgets of the AISettingsWindow class.

WID_AIS_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_AIS_BACKGROUND  Panel to draw the settings on.
WID_AIS_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar to scroll through all settings.
WID_AIS_ACCEPT  Accept button.
WID_AIS_RESET  Reset button.

Widgets of the AIConfigWindow class.

WID_AIC_BACKGROUND  Window background.
WID_AIC_DECREASE  Decrease the number of AIs.
WID_AIC_INCREASE  Increase the number of AIs.
WID_AIC_NUMBER  Number of AIs.
WID_AIC_GAMELIST  List with current selected GameGS.
WID_AIC_LIST  List with currently selected AIs.
WID_AIC_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar to scroll through the selected AIs.
WID_AIC_MOVE_UP  Move up button.
WID_AIC_MOVE_DOWN  Move down button.
WID_AIC_CHANGE  Select another AI button.
WID_AIC_CONFIGURE  Change AI settings button.
WID_AIC_CLOSE  Close window button.
WID_AIC_TEXTFILE  Open GS readme, changelog (+1) or license (+2).
WID_AIC_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD  Download content button.

Widgets of the AIDebugWindow class.

WID_AID_VIEW  The row of company buttons.
WID_AID_NAME_TEXT  Name of the current selected.
WID_AID_SETTINGS  Settings button.
WID_AID_LOG_PANEL  Panel where the log is in.
WID_AID_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the log pannel.
WID_AID_COMPANY_BUTTON_END  Last possible button in the VIEW.
WID_AID_BREAK_STRING_WIDGETS  The panel to handle the breaking on string.
WID_AID_BREAK_STR_ON_OFF_BTN  Enable breaking on string.
WID_AID_BREAK_STR_EDIT_BOX  Edit box for the string to break on.
WID_AID_MATCH_CASE_BTN  Checkbox to use match caching or not.
WID_AID_CONTINUE_BTN  Continue button.

Widgets of the BuildAirToolbarWindow class.

WID_AT_AIRPORT  Build airport button.
WID_AT_DEMOLISH  Demolish button.

Widgets of the BuildAirportWindow class.

WID_AP_CLASS_DROPDOWN  Dropdown of airport classes.
WID_AP_AIRPORT_LIST  List of airports.
WID_AP_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the list.
WID_AP_LAYOUT_NUM  Current number of the layout.
WID_AP_LAYOUT_DECREASE  Decrease the layout number.
WID_AP_LAYOUT_INCREASE  Increase the layout number.
WID_AP_AIRPORT_SPRITE  A visual display of the airport currently selected.
WID_AP_EXTRA_TEXT  Additional text about the airport.
WID_AP_BOTTOMPANEL  Panel at the bottom.
WID_AP_COVERAGE_LABEL  Label if you want to see the coverage.
WID_AP_BTN_DONTHILIGHT  Don't show the coverage button.
WID_AP_BTN_DOHILIGHT  Show the coverage button.

Widgets of the ReplaceVehicleWindow class.

WID_RV_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_RV_LEFT_MATRIX  The matrix on the left.
WID_RV_LEFT_SCROLLBAR  The scrollbar for the matrix on the left.
WID_RV_RIGHT_MATRIX  The matrix on the right.
WID_RV_RIGHT_SCROLLBAR  The scrollbar for the matrxi on the right.
WID_RV_LEFT_DETAILS  Details of the entry on the left.
WID_RV_RIGHT_DETAILS  Details of the entry on the right.
WID_RV_START_REPLACE  Start Replacing button.
WID_RV_INFO_TAB  Info tab.
WID_RV_STOP_REPLACE  Stop Replacing button.
WID_RV_TRAIN_ENGINEWAGON_TOGGLE  Button to toggle engines and/or wagons.
WID_RV_TRAIN_FLUFF_LEFT  The fluff on the left.
WID_RV_TRAIN_RAILTYPE_DROPDOWN  Dropdown menu about the railtype.
WID_RV_TRAIN_FLUFF_RIGHT  The fluff on the right.
WID_RV_TRAIN_WAGONREMOVE_TOGGLE  Button to toggle removing wagons.

Widgets of the BootstrapBackground class.

WID_BB_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.

Widgets of the BootstrapContentDownloadStatusWindow class.

WID_BAFD_QUESTION  The question whether to download.
WID_BAFD_YES  An affirmative answer to the question.
WID_BAFD_NO  An negative answer to the question.

Widgets of the BuildBridgeWindow class.

WID_BBS_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_BBS_DROPDOWN_ORDER  Direction of sort dropdown.
WID_BBS_DROPDOWN_CRITERIA  Criteria of sort dropdown.
WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST  List of bridges.
WID_BBS_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the list.

Widgets of the BuildVehicleWindow class.

WID_BV_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_BV_SORT_DROPDOWN  Criteria of sorting dropdown.
WID_BV_CARGO_FILTER_DROPDOWN  Cargo filter dropdown.
WID_BV_LIST  List of vehicles.
WID_BV_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of list.
WID_BV_PANEL  Button panel.
WID_BV_BUILD  Build panel.
WID_BV_BUILD_SEL  Build button.
WID_BV_RENAME  Rename button.

Widgets of the CheatWindow class.

WID_C_PANEL  Panel where all cheats are shown in.

Widgets of the CompanyWindow class.

WID_C_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_C_FACE  View of the face.
WID_C_FACE_TITLE  Title for the face.
WID_C_DESC_COLOUR_SCHEME_EXAMPLE  Colour scheme example.
WID_C_DESC_OWNERS  Owner in Owners.
WID_C_SELECT_BUTTONS  Selection widget for the button bar.
WID_C_NEW_FACE  Button to make new face.
WID_C_COLOUR_SCHEME  Button to change colour scheme.
WID_C_PRESIDENT_NAME  Button to change president name.
WID_C_COMPANY_NAME  Button to change company name.
WID_C_BUY_SHARE  Button to buy a share.
WID_C_SELL_SHARE  Button to sell a share.
WID_C_VIEW_HQ  Button to view the HQ.
WID_C_BUILD_HQ  Button to build the HQ.
WID_C_SELECT_RELOCATE  Panel about 'Relocate HQ'.
WID_C_RELOCATE_HQ  Button to relocate the HQ.
WID_C_VIEW_INFRASTRUCTURE  Panel about infrastructure.
WID_C_HAS_PASSWORD  Has company password lock.
WID_C_SELECT_MULTIPLAYER  Multiplayer selection panel.
WID_C_COMPANY_PASSWORD  Button to set company password.
WID_C_COMPANY_JOIN  Button to join company.

Widgets of the CompanyFinancesWindow class.

WID_CF_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_CF_TOGGLE_SIZE  Toggle windows size.
WID_CF_SEL_PANEL  Select panel or nothing.
WID_CF_EXPS_CATEGORY  Column for expenses category strings.
WID_CF_EXPS_PRICE1  Column for year Y-2 expenses.
WID_CF_EXPS_PRICE2  Column for year Y-1 expenses.
WID_CF_EXPS_PRICE3  Column for year Y expenses.
WID_CF_TOTAL_PANEL  Panel for totals.
WID_CF_SEL_MAXLOAN  Selection of maxloan column.
WID_CF_BALANCE_VALUE  Bank balance value.
WID_CF_LOAN_LINE  Line for summing bank balance and loan.
WID_CF_MAXLOAN_GAP  Gap above max loan widget.
WID_CF_MAXLOAN_VALUE  Max loan widget.
WID_CF_SEL_BUTTONS  Selection of buttons.
WID_CF_INCREASE_LOAN  Increase loan.
WID_CF_REPAY_LOAN  Decrease loan..
WID_CF_INFRASTRUCTURE  View company infrastructure.

Widgets of the SelectCompanyLiveryWindow class.

WID_SCL_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_SCL_SPACER_DROPDOWN  Spacer for dropdown.
WID_SCL_PRI_COL_DROPDOWN  Dropdown for primary colour.
WID_SCL_SEC_COL_DROPDOWN  Dropdown for secondary colour.

Widgets of the SelectCompanyManagerFaceWindow class.

Do not change the order of the widgets from WID_SCMF_HAS_MOUSTACHE_EARRING to WID_SCMF_GLASSES_R, this order is needed for the WE_CLICK event of DrawFaceStringLabel().

WID_SCMF_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_SCMF_TOGGLE_LARGE_SMALL  Toggle for large or small.
WID_SCMF_MALE  Male button in the simple view.
WID_SCMF_FEMALE  Female button in the simple view.
WID_SCMF_MALE2  Male button in the advanced view.
WID_SCMF_FEMALE2  Female button in the advanced view.
WID_SCMF_SEL_LOADSAVE  Selection to display the load/save/number buttons in the advanced view.
WID_SCMF_SEL_MALEFEMALE  Selection to display the male/female buttons in the simple view.
WID_SCMF_SEL_PARTS  Selection to display the buttons for setting each part of the face in the advanced view.
WID_SCMF_RANDOM_NEW_FACE  Create random new face.
WID_SCMF_TOGGLE_LARGE_SMALL_BUTTON  Toggle for large or small.
WID_SCMF_FACE  Current face.
WID_SCMF_LOAD  Load face.
WID_SCMF_FACECODE  Get the face code.
WID_SCMF_SAVE  Save face.
WID_SCMF_HAS_MOUSTACHE_EARRING_TEXT  Text about moustache and earring.
WID_SCMF_TIE_EARRING_TEXT  Text about tie and earring.
WID_SCMF_LIPS_MOUSTACHE_TEXT  Text about lips and moustache.
WID_SCMF_HAS_GLASSES_TEXT  Text about glasses.
WID_SCMF_HAIR_TEXT  Text about hair.
WID_SCMF_EYEBROWS_TEXT  Text about eyebrows.
WID_SCMF_EYECOLOUR_TEXT  Text about eyecolour.
WID_SCMF_GLASSES_TEXT  Text about glasses.
WID_SCMF_NOSE_TEXT  Text about nose.
WID_SCMF_CHIN_TEXT  Text about chin.
WID_SCMF_JACKET_TEXT  Text about jacket.
WID_SCMF_COLLAR_TEXT  Text about collar.
WID_SCMF_ETHNICITY_EUR  Text about ethnicity european.
WID_SCMF_ETHNICITY_AFR  Text about ethnicity african.
WID_SCMF_HAS_MOUSTACHE_EARRING  Has moustache or earring.
WID_SCMF_EYECOLOUR_L  Eyecolour left.
WID_SCMF_EYECOLOUR_R  Eyecolour right.
WID_SCMF_CHIN_L  Chin left.
WID_SCMF_CHIN_R  Chin right.
WID_SCMF_EYEBROWS_L  Eyebrows left.
WID_SCMF_EYEBROWS_R  Eyebrows right.
WID_SCMF_LIPS_MOUSTACHE_L  Lips / Moustache left.
WID_SCMF_LIPS_MOUSTACHE_R  Lips / Moustache right.
WID_SCMF_NOSE_L  Nose left.
WID_SCMF_NOSE_R  Nose right.
WID_SCMF_HAIR_L  Hair left.
WID_SCMF_HAIR_R  Hair right.
WID_SCMF_JACKET_L  Jacket left.
WID_SCMF_JACKET_R  Jacket right.
WID_SCMF_COLLAR_L  Collar left.
WID_SCMF_COLLAR_R  Collar right.
WID_SCMF_TIE_EARRING_L  Tie / Earring left.
WID_SCMF_TIE_EARRING_R  Tie / Earring right.
WID_SCMF_GLASSES_L  Glasses left.
WID_SCMF_GLASSES_R  Glasses right.

Widgets of the CompanyInfrastructureWindow class.

WID_CI_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_CI_RAIL_DESC  Description of rail.
WID_CI_RAIL_COUNT  Count of rail.
WID_CI_ROAD_DESC  Description of road.
WID_CI_ROAD_COUNT  Count of road.
WID_CI_WATER_DESC  Description of water.
WID_CI_WATER_COUNT  Count of water.
WID_CI_STATION_DESC  Description of station.
WID_CI_STATION_COUNT  Count of station.
WID_CI_TOTAL_DESC  Description of total.
WID_CI_TOTAL  Count of total.

Widgets of the BuyCompanyWindow class.

WID_BC_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_BC_FACE  Face button.
WID_BC_QUESTION  Question text.
WID_BC_NO  No button.
WID_BC_YES  Yes button.

Widgets of the IConsoleWindow class.

WID_C_BACKGROUND  Background of the console.

Widgets of the SetDateWindow class.

WID_SD_DAY  Dropdown for the day.
WID_SD_MONTH  Dropdown for the month.
WID_SD_YEAR  Dropdown for the year.
WID_SD_SET_DATE  Actually set the date.

Widgets of the DepotWindow class.

WID_D_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_D_SELL  Sell button.
WID_D_SHOW_SELL_CHAIN  Show sell chain panel.
WID_D_SELL_CHAIN  Sell chain button.
WID_D_SELL_ALL  Sell all button.
WID_D_AUTOREPLACE  Autoreplace button.
WID_D_MATRIX  Matrix of vehicles.
WID_D_V_SCROLL  Vertical scrollbar.
WID_D_SHOW_H_SCROLL  Show horizontal scrollbar panel.
WID_D_H_SCROLL  Horizontal scrollbar.
WID_D_BUILD  Build button.
WID_D_CLONE  Clone button.
WID_D_LOCATION  Location button.
WID_D_SHOW_RENAME  Show rename panel.
WID_D_RENAME  Rename button.
WID_D_VEHICLE_LIST  List of vehicles.
WID_D_STOP_ALL  Stop all button.
WID_D_START_ALL  Start all button.

Widgets of the BuildDocksDepotWindow class.

WID_BDD_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_BDD_X  X-direction button.
WID_BDD_Y  Y-direction button.

Widgets of the BuildDocksToolbarWindow class.

WID_DT_CANAL  Build canal button.
WID_DT_LOCK  Build lock button.
WID_DT_DEMOLISH  Demolish aka dynamite button.
WID_DT_DEPOT  Build depot button.
WID_DT_STATION  Build station button.
WID_DT_BUOY  Build buoy button.
WID_DT_RIVER  Build river button (in scenario editor).
WID_DT_BUILD_AQUEDUCT  Build aqueduct button.
WID_DT_INVALID  Used to initialize a variable.

Widgets of the DropdownWindow class.

WID_DM_ITEMS  Panel showing the dropdown items.
WID_DM_SHOW_SCROLL  Hide scrollbar if too few items.
WID_DM_SCROLL  Scrollbar.

Widgets of the EnginePreviewWindow class.

WID_EP_QUESTION  The container for the question.
WID_EP_NO  No button.
WID_EP_YES  Yes button.

Widgets of the ErrmsgWindow class.

WID_EM_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_EM_FACE  Error title.
WID_EM_MESSAGE  Error message.

Widgets of the SaveLoadWindow class.

WID_SL_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_SL_SORT_BYNAME  Sort by name button.
WID_SL_SORT_BYDATE  Sort by date button.
WID_SL_BACKGROUND  Background of window.
WID_SL_FILE_BACKGROUND  Background of file selection.
WID_SL_HOME_BUTTON  Home button.
WID_SL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the file list.
WID_SL_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD  Content download button, only available for play scenario/heightmap.
WID_SL_SAVE_OSK_TITLE  Title textbox, only available for save operations.
WID_SL_DELETE_SELECTION  Delete button, only available for save operations.
WID_SL_SAVE_GAME  Save button, only available for save operations.
WID_SL_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD_SEL  Selection 'stack' to 'hide' the content download.
WID_SL_DETAILS  Panel with game details.
WID_SL_NEWGRF_INFO  Button to open NewGgrf configuration.
WID_SL_LOAD_BUTTON  Button to load game/scenario.
WID_SL_MISSING_NEWGRFS  Button to find missing NewGRFs online.

Widgets of the GenerateLandscapeWindow class.

WID_GL_TEMPERATE  Button with icon "Temperate".
WID_GL_ARCTIC  Button with icon "Arctic".
WID_GL_TROPICAL  Button with icon "Tropical".
WID_GL_TOYLAND  Button with icon "Toyland".
WID_GL_MAPSIZE_X_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'map X size'.
WID_GL_MAPSIZE_Y_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'map Y size'.
WID_GL_TOWN_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'No. of towns'.
WID_GL_INDUSTRY_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'No. of industries'.
WID_GL_RANDOM_EDITBOX  'Random seed' editbox.
WID_GL_RANDOM_BUTTON  'Randomise' button.
WID_GL_GENERATE_BUTTON  'Generate' button.
WID_GL_START_DATE_DOWN  Decrease start year.
WID_GL_START_DATE_UP  Increase start year.
WID_GL_SNOW_LEVEL_DOWN  Decrease snow level.
WID_GL_SNOW_LEVEL_UP  Increase snow level.
WID_GL_TREE_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Tree algorithm'.
WID_GL_LANDSCAPE_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Land generator'.
WID_GL_HEIGHTMAP_SIZE_TEXT  Size of heightmap.
WID_GL_HEIGHTMAP_ROTATION_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Heightmap rotation'.
WID_GL_TERRAIN_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Terrain type'.
WID_GL_WATER_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Sea level'.
WID_GL_RIVER_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Rivers'.
WID_GL_SMOOTHNESS_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Smoothness'.
WID_GL_VARIETY_PULLDOWN  Dropdown 'Variety distribution'.
WID_GL_BORDERS_RANDOM  'Random'/'Manual' borders.
WID_GL_WATER_NW  NW 'Water'/'Freeform'.
WID_GL_WATER_NE  NE 'Water'/'Freeform'.
WID_GL_WATER_SE  SE 'Water'/'Freeform'.
WID_GL_WATER_SW  SW 'Water'/'Freeform'.

Widgets of the CreateScenarioWindow class.

WID_CS_TEMPERATE  Select temperate landscape style.
WID_CS_ARCTIC  Select arctic landscape style.
WID_CS_TROPICAL  Select tropical landscape style.
WID_CS_TOYLAND  Select toy-land landscape style.
WID_CS_EMPTY_WORLD  Generate an empty flat world.
WID_CS_RANDOM_WORLD  Generate random land button.
WID_CS_MAPSIZE_X_PULLDOWN  Pull-down arrow for x map size.
WID_CS_MAPSIZE_Y_PULLDOWN  Pull-down arrow for y map size.
WID_CS_START_DATE_DOWN  Decrease start year (start earlier).
WID_CS_START_DATE_TEXT  Clickable start date value.
WID_CS_START_DATE_UP  Increase start year (start later).
WID_CS_FLAT_LAND_HEIGHT_DOWN  Decrease flat land height.
WID_CS_FLAT_LAND_HEIGHT_TEXT  Clickable flat land height value.
WID_CS_FLAT_LAND_HEIGHT_UP  Increase flat land height.

Widgets of the GenerateProgressWindow class.

WID_GP_PROGRESS_BAR  Progress bar.
WID_GP_PROGRESS_TEXT  Text with the progress bar.
WID_GP_ABORT  Abort button.

Widgets of the GoalListWindow class.

WID_GL_PANEL  Panel of the window.
WID_GL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the panel.

Widgets of the GoalQuestionWindow class.

WID_GQ_QUESTION  Question text.
WID_GQ_BUTTONS  Buttons selection (between 1, 2 or 3).
WID_GQ_BUTTON_1  First button.
WID_GQ_BUTTON_2  Second button.
WID_GQ_BUTTON_3  Third button.

Widgets of the GraphLegendWindow class.

WID_GL_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_GL_FIRST_COMPANY  First company in the legend.
WID_GL_LAST_COMPANY  Last company in the legend.

Widgets of the OperatingProfitGraphWindow class, IncomeGraphWindow class, DeliveredCargoGraphWindow class, and CompanyValueGraphWindow class.

WID_CV_KEY_BUTTON  Key button.
WID_CV_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_CV_GRAPH  Graph itself.
WID_CV_RESIZE  Resize button.

Widget of the PerformanceHistoryGraphWindow class.

WID_PHG_KEY  Key button.
WID_PHG_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_PHG_GRAPH  Graph itself.
WID_PHG_RESIZE  Resize button.

Widget of the PaymentRatesGraphWindow class.

WID_CPR_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_CPR_GRAPH  Graph itself.
WID_CPR_RESIZE  Resize button.
WID_CPR_ENABLE_CARGOES  Enable cargoes button.
WID_CPR_DISABLE_CARGOES  Disable cargoes button.
WID_CPR_CARGO_FIRST  First cargo in the list.

Widget of the CompanyLeagueWindow class.

WID_CL_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.

Widget of the PerformanceRatingDetailWindow class.

WID_PRD_SCORE_FIRST  First entry in the score list.
WID_PRD_SCORE_LAST  Last entry in the score list.

Widgets of the VehicleGroupWindow class.

WID_GL_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_GL_SORT_BY_DROPDOWN  Sort by dropdown list.
WID_GL_LIST_VEHICLE  List of the vehicles.
WID_GL_LIST_VEHICLE_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for the list.
WID_GL_AVAILABLE_VEHICLES  Available vehicles.
WID_GL_MANAGE_VEHICLES_DROPDOWN  Manage vehicles dropdown list.
WID_GL_STOP_ALL  Stop all button.
WID_GL_START_ALL  Start all button.
WID_GL_ALL_VEHICLES  All vehicles entry.
WID_GL_DEFAULT_VEHICLES  Default vehicles entry.
WID_GL_LIST_GROUP  List of the groups.
WID_GL_LIST_GROUP_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for the list.
WID_GL_CREATE_GROUP  Create group button.
WID_GL_DELETE_GROUP  Delete group button.
WID_GL_RENAME_GROUP  Rename group button.
WID_GL_REPLACE_PROTECTION  Replace protection button.

Widgets of the EndGameHighScoreBaseWindow class and HighScoreWindow class.

WID_H_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.

Widgets of the BuildIndustryWindow class.

WID_DPI_MATRIX_WIDGET  Matrix of the industries.
WID_DPI_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the matrix.
WID_DPI_INFOPANEL  Info panel about the industry.
WID_DPI_DISPLAY_WIDGET  Display chain button.

Widgets of the IndustryViewWindow class.

WID_IV_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_IV_VIEWPORT  Viewport of the industry.
WID_IV_INFO  Info of the industry.
WID_IV_GOTO  Goto button.
WID_IV_DISPLAY  Display chain button.

Widgets of the IndustryDirectoryWindow class.

WID_ID_DROPDOWN_ORDER  Dropdown for the order of the sort.
WID_ID_DROPDOWN_CRITERIA  Dropdown for the criteria of the sort.
WID_ID_INDUSTRY_LIST  Industry list.
WID_ID_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the list.

Widgets of the IndustryCargoesWindow class.

WID_IC_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_IC_NOTIFY  Row of buttons at the bottom.
WID_IC_PANEL  Panel that shows the chain.
WID_IC_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the panel.

Widgets of the SelectGameWindow class.

WID_SGI_GENERATE_GAME  Generate game button.
WID_SGI_LOAD_GAME  Load game button.
WID_SGI_PLAY_SCENARIO  Play scenario button.
WID_SGI_PLAY_HEIGHTMAP  Play heightmap button.
WID_SGI_EDIT_SCENARIO  Edit scenario button.
WID_SGI_PLAY_NETWORK  Play network button.
WID_SGI_TEMPERATE_LANDSCAPE  Select temperate landscape button.
WID_SGI_ARCTIC_LANDSCAPE  Select arctic landscape button.
WID_SGI_TROPIC_LANDSCAPE  Select tropic landscape button.
WID_SGI_TOYLAND_LANDSCAPE  Select toyland landscape button.
WID_SGI_OPTIONS  Options button.
WID_SGI_DIFFICULTIES  Difficulties button.
WID_SGI_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD  Content Download button.
WID_SGI_EXIT  Exit button.

Widgets of the MainWindow class.

WID_M_VIEWPORT  Main window viewport.

Widgets of the LandInfoWindow class.

WID_LI_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.

Widgets of the TooltipsWindow class.

WID_TT_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.

Widgets of the AboutWindow class.

WID_A_SCROLLING_TEXT  The actually scrolling text.
WID_A_WEBSITE  URL of OpenTTD website.

Widgets of the QueryStringWindow class.

WID_QS_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_QS_TEXT  Text of the query.
WID_QS_DEFAULT  Default button.
WID_QS_CANCEL  Cancel button.
WID_QS_OK  OK button.

Widgets of the QueryWindow class.

WID_Q_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_Q_TEXT  Text of the query.
WID_Q_NO  Yes button.
WID_Q_YES  No button.

Widgets of the MusicTrackSelectionWindow class.

WID_MTS_LIST_LEFT  Left button.
WID_MTS_LIST_RIGHT  Right button.
WID_MTS_ALL  All button.
WID_MTS_OLD  Old button.
WID_MTS_NEW  New button.
WID_MTS_EZY  Ezy button.
WID_MTS_CUSTOM1  Custom1 button.
WID_MTS_CUSTOM2  Custom2 button.
WID_MTS_CLEAR  Clear button.

Widgets of the MusicWindow class.

WID_M_PREV  Previous button.
WID_M_NEXT  Next button.
WID_M_STOP  Stop button.
WID_M_PLAY  Play button.
WID_M_MUSIC_VOL  Music volume.
WID_M_EFFECT_VOL  Effect volume.
WID_M_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_M_TRACK  Track playing.
WID_M_TRACK_NR  Track number.
WID_M_TRACK_TITLE  Track title.
WID_M_TRACK_NAME  Track name.
WID_M_SHUFFLE  Shuffle button.
WID_M_PROGRAMME  Program button.
WID_M_ALL  All button.
WID_M_OLD  Old button.
WID_M_NEW  New button.
WID_M_EZY  Ezy button.
WID_M_CUSTOM1  Custom1 button.
WID_M_CUSTOM2  Custom2 button.

Widgets of the NetworkChatWindow class.

WID_NC_CLOSE  Close button.
WID_NC_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.

Widgets of the NetworkContentDownloadStatusWindow class.

WID_NCDS_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_NCDS_CANCELOK  (Optional) Cancel/OK button.

Widgets of the NetworkContentListWindow class.

WID_NCL_BACKGROUND  Resize button.
WID_NCL_FILTER_CAPT  Caption for the filter editbox.
WID_NCL_FILTER  Filter editbox.
WID_NCL_CHECKBOX  Button above checkboxes.
WID_NCL_TYPE  'Type' button.
WID_NCL_NAME  'Name' button.
WID_NCL_MATRIX  Panel with list of content.
WID_NCL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of matrix.
WID_NCL_DETAILS  Panel with content details.
WID_NCL_SELECT_ALL  'Select all' button.
WID_NCL_SELECT_UPDATE  'Select updates' button.
WID_NCL_UNSELECT  'Unselect all' button.
WID_NCL_OPEN_URL  'Open url' button.
WID_NCL_CANCEL  'Cancel' button.
WID_NCL_DOWNLOAD  'Download' button.
WID_NCL_SEL_ALL_UPDATE  NWID_SELECTION widget for select all/update buttons..

Widgets of the NetworkGameWindow class.

WID_NG_MAIN  Main panel.
WID_NG_CONNECTION  Label in front of connection droplist.
WID_NG_CONN_BTN  'Connection' droplist button.
WID_NG_CLIENT_LABEL  Label in front of client name edit box.
WID_NG_CLIENT  Panel with editbox to set client name.
WID_NG_HEADER  Header container of the matrix.
WID_NG_NAME  'Name' button.
WID_NG_CLIENTS  'Clients' button.
WID_NG_MAPSIZE  'Map size' button.
WID_NG_DATE  'Date' button.
WID_NG_YEARS  'Years' button.
WID_NG_INFO  Third button in the game list panel.
WID_NG_MATRIX  Panel with list of games.
WID_NG_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of matrix.
WID_NG_LASTJOINED_LABEL  Label "Last joined server:".
WID_NG_LASTJOINED  Info about the last joined server.
WID_NG_LASTJOINED_SPACER  Spacer after last joined server panel.
WID_NG_DETAILS  Panel with game details.
WID_NG_DETAILS_SPACER  Spacer for game actual details.
WID_NG_JOIN  'Join game' button.
WID_NG_REFRESH  'Refresh server' button.
WID_NG_NEWGRF  'NewGRF Settings' button.
WID_NG_NEWGRF_SEL  Selection 'widget' to hide the NewGRF settings.
WID_NG_NEWGRF_MISSING  'Find missing NewGRF online' button.
WID_NG_NEWGRF_MISSING_SEL  Selection widget for the above button.
WID_NG_FIND  'Find server' button.
WID_NG_ADD  'Add server' button.
WID_NG_START  'Start server' button.
WID_NG_CANCEL  'Cancel' button.

Widgets of the NetworkStartServerWindow class.

WID_NSS_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_NSS_GAMENAME_LABEL  Label for the game name.
WID_NSS_GAMENAME  Background for editbox to set game name.
WID_NSS_SETPWD  'Set password' button.
WID_NSS_CONNTYPE_LABEL  Label for 'connection type'.
WID_NSS_CONNTYPE_BTN  'Connection type' droplist button.
WID_NSS_CLIENTS_LABEL  Label for 'max clients'.
WID_NSS_CLIENTS_BTND  'Max clients' downarrow.
WID_NSS_CLIENTS_TXT  'Max clients' text.
WID_NSS_CLIENTS_BTNU  'Max clients' uparrow.
WID_NSS_COMPANIES_LABEL  Label for 'max companies'.
WID_NSS_COMPANIES_BTND  'Max companies' downarrow.
WID_NSS_COMPANIES_TXT  'Max companies' text.
WID_NSS_COMPANIES_BTNU  'Max companies' uparrow.
WID_NSS_SPECTATORS_LABEL  Label for 'max spectators'.
WID_NSS_SPECTATORS_BTND  'Max spectators' downarrow.
WID_NSS_SPECTATORS_TXT  'Max spectators' text.
WID_NSS_SPECTATORS_BTNU  'Max spectators' uparrow.
WID_NSS_LANGUAGE_LABEL  Label for 'language spoken'.
WID_NSS_LANGUAGE_BTN  'Language spoken' droplist button.
WID_NSS_GENERATE_GAME  New game button.
WID_NSS_LOAD_GAME  Load game button.
WID_NSS_PLAY_SCENARIO  Play scenario button.
WID_NSS_PLAY_HEIGHTMAP  Play heightmap button.
WID_NSS_CANCEL  'Cancel' button.

Widgets of the NetworkLobbyWindow class.

WID_NL_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_NL_TEXT  Heading text.
WID_NL_HEADER  Header above list of companies.
WID_NL_MATRIX  List of companies.
WID_NL_DETAILS  Company details.
WID_NL_JOIN  'Join company' button.
WID_NL_NEW  'New company' button.
WID_NL_SPECTATE  'Spectate game' button.
WID_NL_REFRESH  'Refresh server' button.
WID_NL_CANCEL  'Cancel' button.

Widgets of the NetworkClientListWindow class.

WID_CL_PANEL  Panel of the window.

Widgets of the NetworkClientListPopupWindow class.

WID_CLP_PANEL  Panel of the window.

Widgets of the NetworkJoinStatusWindow class.

WID_NJS_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_NJS_CANCELOK  Cancel / OK button.

Widgets of the NetworkCompanyPasswordWindow class.

WID_NCP_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_NCP_LABEL  Label in front of the password field.
WID_NCP_PASSWORD  Input field for the password.
WID_NCP_SAVE_AS_DEFAULT_PASSWORD  Toggle 'button' for saving the current password as default password.
WID_NCP_CANCEL  Close the window without changing anything.
WID_NCP_OK  Safe the password etc.

Widgets of the NewGRFInspectWindow class.

WID_NGRFI_CAPTION  The caption bar of course.
WID_NGRFI_PARENT  Inspect the parent.
WID_NGRFI_MAINPANEL  Panel widget containing the actual data.

Widgets of the SpriteAlignerWindow class.

WID_SA_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_SA_PREVIOUS  Skip to the previous sprite.
WID_SA_GOTO  Go to a given sprite.
WID_SA_NEXT  Skip to the next sprite.
WID_SA_UP  Move the sprite up.
WID_SA_LEFT  Move the sprite to the left.
WID_SA_RIGHT  Move the sprite to the right.
WID_SA_DOWN  Move the sprite down.
WID_SA_SPRITE  The actual sprite.
WID_SA_OFFSETS  The sprite offsets.
WID_SA_PICKER  Sprite picker.
WID_SA_LIST  Queried sprite list.
WID_SA_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for sprite list.

Widgets of the NewGRFParametersWindow class.

WID_NP_NUMPAR_DEC  Button to decrease number of parameters.
WID_NP_NUMPAR_INC  Button to increase number of parameters.
WID_NP_NUMPAR  Optional number of parameters.
WID_NP_NUMPAR_TEXT  Text description.
WID_NP_BACKGROUND  Panel to draw the settings on.
WID_NP_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar to scroll through all settings.
WID_NP_ACCEPT  Accept button.
WID_NP_RESET  Reset button.
WID_NP_SHOW_DESCRIPTION  NWID_SELECTION to optionally display parameter descriptions.
WID_NP_DESCRIPTION  Multi-line description of a parameter.

Widgets of the NewGRFWindow class.

WID_NS_PRESET_LIST  Active NewGRF preset.
WID_NS_PRESET_SAVE  Save list of active NewGRFs as presets.
WID_NS_PRESET_DELETE  Delete active preset.
WID_NS_ADD  Add NewGRF to active list.
WID_NS_REMOVE  Remove NewGRF from active list.
WID_NS_MOVE_UP  Move NewGRF up in active list.
WID_NS_MOVE_DOWN  Move NewGRF down in active list.
WID_NS_FILTER  Filter list of available NewGRFs.
WID_NS_FILE_LIST  List window of active NewGRFs.
WID_NS_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for active NewGRF list.
WID_NS_AVAIL_LIST  List window of available NewGRFs.
WID_NS_SCROLL2BAR  Scrollbar for available NewGRF list.
WID_NS_NEWGRF_INFO_TITLE  Title for Info on selected NewGRF.
WID_NS_NEWGRF_INFO  Panel for Info on selected NewGRF.
WID_NS_NEWGRF_TEXTFILE  Open NewGRF readme, changelog (+1) or license (+2).
WID_NS_SET_PARAMETERS  Open Parameters Window for selected NewGRF for editing parameters.
WID_NS_VIEW_PARAMETERS  Open Parameters Window for selected NewGRF for viewing parameters.
WID_NS_TOGGLE_PALETTE  Toggle Palette of selected, active NewGRF.
WID_NS_APPLY_CHANGES  Apply changes to NewGRF config.
WID_NS_RESCAN_FILES  Rescan files (available NewGRFs).
WID_NS_RESCAN_FILES2  Rescan files (active NewGRFs).
WID_NS_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD  Open content download (available NewGRFs).
WID_NS_CONTENT_DOWNLOAD2  Open content download (active NewGRFs).
WID_NS_SHOW_REMOVE  Select active list buttons (0 , 1 = simple layout).
WID_NS_SHOW_APPLY  Select display of the buttons below the 'details'.

Widgets of the ScanProgressWindow class.

WID_SP_PROGRESS_BAR  Simple progress bar.
WID_SP_PROGRESS_TEXT  Text explaining what is happening.

Widgets of the TextfileWindow class.

WID_TF_CAPTION  The caption of the window.
WID_TF_BACKGROUND  Panel to draw the textfile on.
WID_TF_VSCROLLBAR  Vertical scrollbar to scroll through the textfile up-and-down.
WID_TF_HSCROLLBAR  Horizontal scrollbar to scroll through the textfile left-to-right.

Widgets of the NewsWindow class.

WID_N_PANEL  Panel of the window.
WID_N_TITLE  Title of the company news.
WID_N_HEADLINE  The news headline.
WID_N_CLOSEBOX  Close the window.
WID_N_DATE  Date of the news item.
WID_N_CAPTION  Title bar of the window. Only used in small news items.
WID_N_INSET  Inset around the viewport in the window. Only used in small news items.
WID_N_VIEWPORT  Viewport in the window.
WID_N_COMPANY_MSG  Message in company news items.
WID_N_MESSAGE  Space for displaying the message. Only used in small news items.
WID_N_MGR_FACE  Face of the manager.
WID_N_MGR_NAME  Name of the manager.
WID_N_VEH_TITLE  Vehicle new title.
WID_N_VEH_BKGND  Dark background of new vehicle news.
WID_N_VEH_NAME  Name of the new vehicle.
WID_N_VEH_SPR  Graphical display of the new vehicle.
WID_N_VEH_INFO  Some technical data of the new vehicle.

Widgets of the MessageHistoryWindow class.

WID_MH_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_MH_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for the list.

Widgets of the MessageOptionsWindow class.

WID_MO_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_MO_LABEL  Top label.
WID_MO_DROP_SUMMARY  Dropdown that adjusts at once the level for all settings.
WID_MO_LABEL_SUMMARY  Label of the summary drop down.
WID_MO_SOUNDTICKER  Button for (de)activating sound on events.
WID_MO_SOUNDTICKER_LABEL  Label of the soundticker button.
WID_MO_START_OPTION  First widget that is part of a group [<][label][>] [description].
WID_MO_END_OPTION  First widget after the groups.

Widgets of the BuildObjectWindow class.

WID_BO_CLASS_LIST  The list with classes.
WID_BO_SCROLLBAR  The scrollbar associated with the list.
WID_BO_OBJECT_MATRIX  The matrix with preview sprites.
WID_BO_OBJECT_SPRITE  A preview sprite of the object.
WID_BO_OBJECT_NAME  The name of the selected object.
WID_BO_OBJECT_SIZE  The size of the selected object.
WID_BO_INFO  Other information about the object (from the NewGRF).
WID_BO_SELECT_MATRIX  Selection preview matrix of objects of a given class.

Widgets of the OrdersWindow class.

WID_O_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_O_TIMETABLE_VIEW  Toggle timetable view.
WID_O_ORDER_LIST  Order list panel.
WID_O_SCROLLBAR  Order list scrollbar.
WID_O_SKIP  Skip current order.
WID_O_DELETE  Delete selected order.
WID_O_STOP_SHARING  Stop sharing orders.
WID_O_NON_STOP  Goto non-stop to destination.
WID_O_GOTO  Goto destination.
WID_O_FULL_LOAD  Select full load.
WID_O_UNLOAD  Select unload.
WID_O_REFIT  Select refit.
WID_O_SERVICE  Select service (at depot).
WID_O_EMPTY  Placeholder for refit dropdown when not owner.
WID_O_REFIT_DROPDOWN  Open refit options.
WID_O_COND_VARIABLE  Choose condition variable.
WID_O_COND_COMPARATOR  Choose condition type.
WID_O_COND_VALUE  Choose condition value.
WID_O_SEL_TOP_LEFT  NWID_SELECTION widget for left part of the top row of the 'your train' order window.
WID_O_SEL_TOP_MIDDLE  NWID_SELECTION widget for middle part of the top row of the 'your train' order window.
WID_O_SEL_TOP_RIGHT  NWID_SELECTION widget for right part of the top row of the 'your train' order window.
WID_O_SEL_TOP_ROW_GROUNDVEHICLE  NWID_SELECTION widget for the top row of the 'your train' order window.
WID_O_SEL_TOP_ROW  NWID_SELECTION widget for the top row of the 'your non-trains' order window.
WID_O_SEL_BOTTOM_MIDDLE  NWID_SELECTION widget for the middle part of the bottom row of the 'your train' order window.
WID_O_SHARED_ORDER_LIST  Open list of shared vehicles.

Widgets of the OskWindow class.

WID_OSK_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_OSK_TEXT  Edit box.
WID_OSK_CANCEL  Cancel key.
WID_OSK_OK  Ok key.
WID_OSK_BACKSPACE  Backspace key.
WID_OSK_SPECIAL  Special key (at keyborads often used for tab key).
WID_OSK_CAPS  Capslock key.
WID_OSK_SHIFT  Shift(lock) key.
WID_OSK_SPACE  Space bar.
WID_OSK_LEFT  Cursor left key.
WID_OSK_RIGHT  Cursor right key.
WID_OSK_LETTERS  First widget of the 'normal' keys.
WID_OSK_NUMBERS_FIRST  First widget of the numbers row.
WID_OSK_NUMBERS_LAST  Last widget of the numbers row.
WID_OSK_QWERTY_FIRST  First widget of the qwerty row.
WID_OSK_QWERTY_LAST  Last widget of the qwerty row.
WID_OSK_ASDFG_FIRST  First widget of the asdfg row.
WID_OSK_ASDFG_LAST  Last widget of the asdfg row.
WID_OSK_ZXCVB_FIRST  First widget of the zxcvb row.
WID_OSK_ZXCVB_LAST  Last widget of the zxcvb row.

Widgets of the BuildRailToolbarWindow ckass.

WID_RAT_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_RAT_BUILD_NS  Build rail along the game view Y axis.
WID_RAT_BUILD_X  Build rail along the game grid X axis.
WID_RAT_BUILD_EW  Build rail along the game view X axis.
WID_RAT_BUILD_Y  Build rail along the game grid Y axis.
WID_RAT_AUTORAIL  Autorail tool.
WID_RAT_DEMOLISH  Destroy something with dynamite!
WID_RAT_BUILD_DEPOT  Build a depot.
WID_RAT_BUILD_WAYPOINT  Build a waypoint.
WID_RAT_BUILD_STATION  Build a station.
WID_RAT_BUILD_BRIDGE  Build a bridge.
WID_RAT_BUILD_TUNNEL  Build a tunnel.
WID_RAT_REMOVE  Bulldozer to remove rail.
WID_RAT_CONVERT_RAIL  Convert other rail to this type.

Widgets of the BuildRailStationWindow class.

WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_DIR_X  Button to select '/' view.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_DIR_Y  Button to select '\' view.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_1  Button to select stations with a single platform.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_2  Button to select stations with 2 platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_3  Button to select stations with 3 platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_4  Button to select stations with 4 platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_5  Button to select stations with 5 platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_6  Button to select stations with 6 platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_7  Button to select stations with 7 platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_1  Button to select single tile length station platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_2  Button to select 2 tiles length station platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_3  Button to select 3 tiles length station platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_4  Button to select 4 tiles length station platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_5  Button to select 5 tiles length station platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_6  Button to select 6 tiles length station platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_7  Button to select 7 tiles length station platforms.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_DRAG_N_DROP  Button to enable drag and drop type station placement.
WID_BRAS_HIGHLIGHT_OFF  Button for turning coverage highlighting off.
WID_BRAS_HIGHLIGHT_ON  Button for turning coverage highlighting on.
WID_BRAS_COVERAGE_TEXTS  Empty space for the coverage texts.
WID_BRAS_MATRIX  Matrix widget displaying the available stations.
WID_BRAS_IMAGE  Panel used at each cell of the matrix.
WID_BRAS_MATRIX_SCROLL  Scrollbar of the matrix widget.
WID_BRAS_SHOW_NEWST_ADDITIONS  Selection for newstation class selection list.
WID_BRAS_SHOW_NEWST_MATRIX  Selection for newstation image matrix.
WID_BRAS_SHOW_NEWST_RESIZE  Selection for panel and resize at bottom right for newstation.
WID_BRAS_SHOW_NEWST_TYPE  Display of selected station type.
WID_BRAS_NEWST_LIST  List with available newstation classes.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_NUM_BEGIN  Helper for determining the chosen platform width.
WID_BRAS_PLATFORM_LEN_BEGIN  Helper for determining the chosen platform length.

Widgets of the BuildSignalWindow class.

WID_BS_SEMAPHORE_NORM  Build a semaphore normal block signal.
WID_BS_SEMAPHORE_ENTRY  Build a semaphore entry block signal.
WID_BS_SEMAPHORE_EXIT  Build a semaphore exit block signal.
WID_BS_SEMAPHORE_COMBO  Build a semaphore combo block signal.
WID_BS_SEMAPHORE_PBS  Build a semaphore path signal.
WID_BS_SEMAPHORE_PBS_OWAY  Build a semaphore one way path signal.
WID_BS_ELECTRIC_NORM  Build an electric normal block signal.
WID_BS_ELECTRIC_ENTRY  Build an electric entry block signal.
WID_BS_ELECTRIC_EXIT  Build an electric exit block signal.
WID_BS_ELECTRIC_COMBO  Build an electric combo block signal.
WID_BS_ELECTRIC_PBS  Build an electric path signal.
WID_BS_ELECTRIC_PBS_OWAY  Build an electric one way path signal.
WID_BS_CONVERT  Convert the signal.
WID_BS_DRAG_SIGNALS_DENSITY_LABEL  The current signal density.
WID_BS_DRAG_SIGNALS_DENSITY_DECREASE  Decrease the signal density.
WID_BS_DRAG_SIGNALS_DENSITY_INCREASE  Increase the signal density.

Widgets of the BuildRailDepotWindow class.

WID_BRAD_DEPOT_NE  Build a depot with the entrace in the north east.
WID_BRAD_DEPOT_SE  Build a depot with the entrace in the south east.
WID_BRAD_DEPOT_SW  Build a depot with the entrace in the south west.
WID_BRAD_DEPOT_NW  Build a depot with the entrace in the north west.

Widgets of the BuildRailWaypointWindow class.

WID_BRW_WAYPOINT_MATRIX  Matrix with waypoints.
WID_BRW_WAYPOINT  A single waypoint.
WID_BRW_SCROLL  Scrollbar for the matrix.

Widgets of the BuildRoadToolbarWindow class.

WID_ROT_ROAD_X  Build road in x-direction.
WID_ROT_ROAD_Y  Build road in y-direction.
WID_ROT_DEPOT  Build depot.
WID_ROT_BUS_STATION  Build bus station.
WID_ROT_TRUCK_STATION  Build truck station.
WID_ROT_ONE_WAY  Build one-way road.
WID_ROT_REMOVE  Remove road.

Widgets of the BuildRoadDepotWindow class.

WID_BROD_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_BROD_DEPOT_NE  Depot with NE entry.
WID_BROD_DEPOT_SE  Depot with SE entry.
WID_BROD_DEPOT_SW  Depot with SW entry.
WID_BROD_DEPOT_NW  Depot with NW entry.

Widgets of the BuildRoadStationWindow class.

WID_BROS_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_BROS_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_BROS_STATION_NE  Terminal station with NE entry.
WID_BROS_STATION_SE  Terminal station with SE entry.
WID_BROS_STATION_SW  Terminal station with SW entry.
WID_BROS_STATION_NW  Terminal station with NW entry.
WID_BROS_STATION_X  Drive-through station in x-direction.
WID_BROS_STATION_Y  Drive-through station in y-direction.
WID_BROS_LT_OFF  Turn off area highlight.
WID_BROS_LT_ON  Turn on area highlight.
WID_BROS_INFO  Station acceptance info.

Widgets of the GameOptionsWindow class.

WID_GO_BACKGROUND  Background of the window.
WID_GO_CURRENCY_DROPDOWN  Currency dropdown.
WID_GO_DISTANCE_DROPDOWN  Measuring unit dropdown.
WID_GO_ROADSIDE_DROPDOWN  Dropdown to select the road side (to set the right side ;)).
WID_GO_TOWNNAME_DROPDOWN  Town name dropdown.
WID_GO_AUTOSAVE_DROPDOWN  Dropdown to say how often to autosave.
WID_GO_LANG_DROPDOWN  Language dropdown.
WID_GO_RESOLUTION_DROPDOWN  Dropdown for the resolution.
WID_GO_FULLSCREEN_BUTTON  Toggle fullscreen.
WID_GO_SCREENSHOT_DROPDOWN  Select the screenshot type... please use PNG!.
WID_GO_BASE_GRF_DROPDOWN  Use to select a base GRF.
WID_GO_BASE_GRF_STATUS  Info about missing files etc.
WID_GO_BASE_GRF_DESCRIPTION  Description of selected base GRF.
WID_GO_BASE_SFX_DROPDOWN  Use to select a base SFX.
WID_GO_BASE_SFX_DESCRIPTION  Description of selected base SFX.
WID_GO_BASE_MUSIC_DROPDOWN  Use to select a base music set.
WID_GO_BASE_MUSIC_STATUS  Info about corrupted files etc.
WID_GO_BASE_MUSIC_DESCRIPTION  Description of selected base music set.

Widgets of the GameDifficultyWindow class.

WID_GD_LVL_EASY  Easy level button.
WID_GD_LVL_MEDIUM  Medium level button.
WID_GD_LVL_HARD  Hard level button.
WID_GD_LVL_CUSTOM  Custom level button.
WID_GD_HIGHSCORE  Highscore button.
WID_GD_ACCEPT  Accept button.
WID_GD_CANCEL  Cancel button.
WID_GD_OPTIONS_START  Start of the options.

Widgets of the GameSettingsWindow class.

WID_GS_OPTIONSPANEL  Panel widget containing the option lists.

Widgets of the CustomCurrencyWindow class.

WID_CC_RATE_DOWN  Down button.
WID_CC_RATE_UP  Up button.
WID_CC_RATE  Rate of currency.
WID_CC_SEPARATOR_EDIT  Seperator edit button.
WID_CC_SEPARATOR  Current seperator.
WID_CC_PREFIX_EDIT  Prefix edit button.
WID_CC_PREFIX  Current prefix.
WID_CC_SUFFIX_EDIT  Suffix edit button.
WID_CC_SUFFIX  Current suffix.
WID_CC_YEAR_DOWN  Down button.
WID_CC_YEAR_UP  Up button.
WID_CC_YEAR  Year of introduction.

Widgets of the SignListWindow class.

WID_SIL_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_SIL_LIST  List of signs.
WID_SIL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of list.
WID_SIL_FILTER_TEXT  Text box for typing a filter string.
WID_SIL_FILTER_MATCH_CASE_BTN  Button to toggle if case sensitive filtering should be used.
WID_SIL_FILTER_CLEAR_BTN  Button to clear the filter.

Widgets of the SignWindow class.

WID_QES_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_QES_TEXT  Text of the query.
WID_QES_OK  OK button.
WID_QES_CANCEL  Cancel button.
WID_QES_DELETE  Delete button.
WID_QES_PREVIOUS  Previous button.
WID_QES_NEXT  Next button.

Widgets of the SmallMapWindow class.

WID_SM_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_SM_MAP_BORDER  Border around the smallmap.
WID_SM_MAP  Panel containing the smallmap.
WID_SM_LEGEND  Bottom panel to display smallmap legends.
WID_SM_ZOOM_IN  Button to zoom in one step.
WID_SM_ZOOM_OUT  Button to zoom out one step.
WID_SM_CONTOUR  Button to select the contour view (height map).
WID_SM_VEHICLES  Button to select the vehicles view.
WID_SM_INDUSTRIES  Button to select the industries view.
WID_SM_ROUTES  Button to select the routes view.
WID_SM_VEGETATION  Button to select the vegetation view.
WID_SM_OWNERS  Button to select the owners view.
WID_SM_CENTERMAP  Button to move smallmap center to main window center.
WID_SM_TOGGLETOWNNAME  Toggle button to display town names.
WID_SM_SELECT_BUTTONS  Selection widget for the buttons present in some smallmap modes.
WID_SM_ENABLE_ALL  Button to enable display of all legend entries.
WID_SM_DISABLE_ALL  Button to disable display of all legend entries.
WID_SM_SHOW_HEIGHT  Show heightmap toggle button.

Widgets of the StationViewWindow class.

WID_SV_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_SV_WAITING  List of waiting cargo.
WID_SV_ACCEPT_RATING_LIST  List of accepted cargoes / rating of cargoes.
WID_SV_LOCATION  'Location' button.
WID_SV_ACCEPTS_RATINGS  'Accepts' / 'Ratings' button.
WID_SV_RENAME  'Rename' button.
WID_SV_TRAINS  List of scheduled trains button.
WID_SV_ROADVEHS  List of scheduled road vehs button.
WID_SV_SHIPS  List of scheduled ships button.
WID_SV_PLANES  List of scheduled planes button.

Widgets of the CompanyStationsWindow class.

WID_STL_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_STL_LIST  The main panel, list of stations.
WID_STL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar next to the main panel.
WID_STL_TRAIN  'TRAIN' button - list only facilities where is a railroad station.
WID_STL_TRUCK  'TRUCK' button - list only facilities where is a truck stop.
WID_STL_BUS  'BUS' button - list only facilities where is a bus stop.
WID_STL_AIRPLANE  'AIRPLANE' button - list only facilities where is an airport.
WID_STL_SHIP  'SHIP' button - list only facilities where is a dock.
WID_STL_FACILALL  'ALL' button - list all facilities.
WID_STL_NOCARGOWAITING  'NO' button - list stations where no cargo is waiting.
WID_STL_CARGOALL  'ALL' button - list all stations.
WID_STL_SORTBY  'Sort by' button - reverse sort direction.
WID_STL_SORTDROPBTN  Dropdown button.
WID_STL_CARGOSTART  Widget numbers used for list of cargo types (not present in _company_stations_widgets).

Widgets of the SelectStationWindow class.

Widgets of the StatusBarWindow class.

WID_S_LEFT  Left part of the statusbar; date is shown there.
WID_S_MIDDLE  Middle part; current news or company name or *** SAVING *** or *** PAUSED ***.
WID_S_RIGHT  Right part; bank balance.

Widgets of the SubsidyListWindow class.

WID_SUL_PANEL  Main panel of window.
WID_SUL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of panel.

Widgets of the TerraformToolbarWindow class.

WID_TT_SHOW_PLACE_OBJECT  Should the place object button be shown?
WID_TT_BUTTONS_START  Start of pushable buttons.
WID_TT_LOWER_LAND  Lower land button.
WID_TT_RAISE_LAND  Raise land button.
WID_TT_LEVEL_LAND  Level land button.
WID_TT_DEMOLISH  Demolish aka dynamite button.
WID_TT_BUY_LAND  Buy land button.
WID_TT_PLANT_TREES  Plant trees button (note: opens seperate window, no place-push-button).
WID_TT_PLACE_SIGN  Place sign button.
WID_TT_PLACE_OBJECT  Place object button.

Widgets of the ScenarioEditorLandscapeGenerationWindow class.

WID_ETT_SHOW_PLACE_DESERT  Should the place desert button be shown?
WID_ETT_START  Used for iterations.
WID_ETT_DOTS  Invisible widget for rendering the terraform size on.
WID_ETT_BUTTONS_START  Start of pushable buttons.
WID_ETT_DEMOLISH  Demolish aka dynamite button.
WID_ETT_LOWER_LAND  Lower land button.
WID_ETT_RAISE_LAND  Raise land button.
WID_ETT_LEVEL_LAND  Level land button.
WID_ETT_PLACE_ROCKS  Place rocks button.
WID_ETT_PLACE_DESERT  Place desert button (in tropical climate).
WID_ETT_PLACE_OBJECT  Place transmitter button.
WID_ETT_BUTTONS_END  End of pushable buttons.
WID_ETT_INCREASE_SIZE  Upwards arrow button to increase terraforming size.
WID_ETT_DECREASE_SIZE  Downwards arrow button to decrease terraforming size.
WID_ETT_NEW_SCENARIO  Button for generating a new scenario.
WID_ETT_RESET_LANDSCAPE  Button for removing all company-owned property.

Widgets of the TimetableWindow class.

WID_VT_CAPTION  Caption of the window.
WID_VT_ORDER_VIEW  Order view.
WID_VT_TIMETABLE_PANEL  Timetable panel.
WID_VT_ARRIVAL_DEPARTURE_PANEL  Panel with the expected/scheduled arrivals.
WID_VT_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for the panel.
WID_VT_SUMMARY_PANEL  Summary panel.
WID_VT_START_DATE  Start date button.
WID_VT_CHANGE_TIME  Change time button.
WID_VT_CLEAR_TIME  Clear time button.
WID_VT_RESET_LATENESS  Reset lateness button.
WID_VT_AUTOFILL  Autofill button.
WID_VT_EXPECTED  Toggle between expected and scheduled arrivals.
WID_VT_SHARED_ORDER_LIST  Show the shared order list.
WID_VT_ARRIVAL_DEPARTURE_SELECTION  Disable/hide the arrival departure panel.
WID_VT_EXPECTED_SELECTION  Disable/hide the expected selection button.
WID_VT_CHANGE_SPEED  Change speed limit button.
WID_VT_CLEAR_SPEED  Clear speed limit button.

Widgets of the MainToolbarWindow class.

WID_TN_PAUSE  Pause the game.
WID_TN_FAST_FORWARD  Fast forward the game.
WID_TN_SETTINGS  Settings menu.
WID_TN_SAVE  Save menu.
WID_TN_SMALL_MAP  Small map menu.
WID_TN_TOWNS  Town menu.
WID_TN_SUBSIDIES  Subsidy menu.
WID_TN_STATIONS  Station menu.
WID_TN_FINANCES  Finance menu.
WID_TN_COMPANIES  Company menu.
WID_TN_GRAPHS  Graph menu.
WID_TN_LEAGUE  Company league menu.
WID_TN_INDUSTRIES  Industry menu.
WID_TN_VEHICLE_START  Helper for the offset of the vehicle menus.
WID_TN_TRAINS  Train menu.
WID_TN_ROADVEHS  Road vehicle menu.
WID_TN_SHIPS  Ship menu.
WID_TN_AIRCRAFTS  Aircraft menu.
WID_TN_ZOOM_IN  Zoom in the main viewport.
WID_TN_ZOOM_OUT  Zoom out the main viewport.
WID_TN_RAILS  Rail building menu.
WID_TN_ROADS  Road building menu.
WID_TN_WATER  Water building toolbar.
WID_TN_AIR  Airport building toolbar.
WID_TN_LANDSCAPE  Landscaping toolbar.
WID_TN_MUSIC_SOUND  Music/sound configuration menu.
WID_TN_MESSAGES  Messages menu.
WID_TN_HELP  Help menu.
WID_TN_SWITCH_BAR  Only available when toolbar has been split to switch between different subsets.
WID_TN_END  Helper for knowing the amount of widgets.

Widgets of the ScenarioEditorToolbarWindow class.

WID_TE_PAUSE  Pause the game.
WID_TE_FAST_FORWARD  Fast forward the game.
WID_TE_SETTINGS  Settings menu.
WID_TE_SAVE  Save menu.
WID_TE_SPACER  Spacer with "scenario editor" text.
WID_TE_DATE  The date of the scenario.
WID_TE_DATE_BACKWARD  Reduce the date of the scenario.
WID_TE_DATE_FORWARD  Increase the date of the scenario.
WID_TE_SMALL_MAP  Small map menu.
WID_TE_ZOOM_IN  Zoom in the main viewport.
WID_TE_ZOOM_OUT  Zoom out the main viewport.
WID_TE_LAND_GENERATE  Land generation.
WID_TE_TOWN_GENERATE  Town building window.
WID_TE_INDUSTRY  Industry building window.
WID_TE_ROADS  Road building menu.
WID_TE_WATER  Water building toolbar.
WID_TE_TREES  Tree building toolbar.
WID_TE_SIGNS  Sign building.
WID_TE_DATE_PANEL  Container for the date widgets.
WID_TE_MUSIC_SOUND  Music/sound configuration menu.
WID_TE_HELP  Help menu.
WID_TE_SWITCH_BAR  Only available when toolbar has been split to switch between different subsets.

Widgets of the TownDirectoryWindow class.

WID_TD_SORT_NAME  Sort by town name.
WID_TD_SORT_POPULATION  Sort by town population.
WID_TD_LIST  List of towns.
WID_TD_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for the town list.
WID_TD_WORLD_POPULATION  The world's population.

Widgets of the TownAuthorityWindow class.

WID_TA_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_TA_RATING_INFO  Overview with ratings for each company.
WID_TA_COMMAND_LIST  List of commands for the player.
WID_TA_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar of the list of commands.
WID_TA_ACTION_INFO  Additional information about the action.
WID_TA_EXECUTE  Do-it button.

Widgets of the TownViewWindow class.

WID_TV_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_TV_VIEWPORT  View of the center of the town.
WID_TV_INFO  General information about the town.
WID_TV_CENTER_VIEW  Center the main view on this town.
WID_TV_SHOW_AUTHORITY  Show the town authority window.
WID_TV_CHANGE_NAME  Change the name of this town.
WID_TV_EXPAND  Expand this town (scenario editor only).
WID_TV_DELETE  Delete this town (scenario editor only).

Widgets of the FoundTownWindow class.

WID_TF_NEW_TOWN  Create a new town.
WID_TF_RANDOM_TOWN  Randomly place a town.
WID_TF_MANY_RANDOM_TOWNS  Randomly place many towns.
WID_TF_TOWN_NAME_EDITBOX  Editor for the town name.
WID_TF_TOWN_NAME_RANDOM  Generate a random town name.
WID_TF_SIZE_SMALL  Selection for a small town.
WID_TF_SIZE_MEDIUM  Selection for a medium town.
WID_TF_SIZE_LARGE  Selection for a large town.
WID_TF_SIZE_RANDOM  Selection for a randomly sized town.
WID_TF_CITY  Selection for the town's city state.
WID_TF_LAYOUT_ORIGINAL  Selection for the original town layout.
WID_TF_LAYOUT_BETTER  Selection for the better town layout.
WID_TF_LAYOUT_GRID2  Selection for the 2x2 grid town layout.
WID_TF_LAYOUT_GRID3  Selection for the 3x3 grid town layout.
WID_TF_LAYOUT_RANDOM  Selection for a randomly chosen town layout.

Widgets of the TransparenciesWindow class.

WID_TT_BEGIN  First toggle button.
WID_TT_SIGNS  Signs background transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_TREES  Trees transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_HOUSES  Houses transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_INDUSTRIES  industries transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_BUILDINGS  Company buildings and structures transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_BRIDGES  Bridges transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_STRUCTURES  Object structure transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_CATENARY  Catenary transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_LOADING  Loading indicators transparency toggle button.
WID_TT_END  End of toggle buttons.
WID_TT_BUTTONS  Panel with 'invisibility' buttons.

Widgets of the BuildTreesWindow class.

WID_BT_TYPE_11  Tree 1st column 1st row.
WID_BT_TYPE_12  Tree 1st column 2nd row.
WID_BT_TYPE_13  Tree 1st column 3rd row.
WID_BT_TYPE_14  Tree 1st column 4th row.
WID_BT_TYPE_21  Tree 2st column 1st row.
WID_BT_TYPE_22  Tree 2st column 2nd row.
WID_BT_TYPE_23  Tree 2st column 3rd row.
WID_BT_TYPE_24  Tree 2st column 4th row.
WID_BT_TYPE_31  Tree 3st column 1st row.
WID_BT_TYPE_32  Tree 3st column 2nd row.
WID_BT_TYPE_33  Tree 3st column 3rd row.
WID_BT_TYPE_34  Tree 3st column 4th row.
WID_BT_TYPE_RANDOM  Button to build random type of tree.
WID_BT_MANY_RANDOM  Button to build many random trees.

Widgets of the VehicleViewWindow class.

WID_VV_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_VV_VIEWPORT  Viewport widget.
WID_VV_START_STOP  Start or stop this vehicle, and show information about the current state.
WID_VV_CENTER_MAIN_VIEW  Center the main view on this vehicle.
WID_VV_GOTO_DEPOT  Order this vehicle to go to the depot.
WID_VV_REFIT  Open the refit window.
WID_VV_SHOW_ORDERS  Show the orders of this vehicle.
WID_VV_SHOW_DETAILS  Show details of this vehicle.
WID_VV_CLONE  Clone this vehicle.
WID_VV_SELECT_DEPOT_CLONE  Selection widget between 'goto depot', and 'clone vehicle' buttons.
WID_VV_SELECT_REFIT_TURN  Selection widget between 'refit' and 'turn around' buttons.
WID_VV_TURN_AROUND  Turn this vehicle around.
WID_VV_FORCE_PROCEED  Force this vehicle to pass a signal at danger.

Widgets of the RefitWindow class.

WID_VR_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_VR_VEHICLE_PANEL_DISPLAY  Display with a representation of the vehicle to refit.
WID_VR_SHOW_HSCROLLBAR  Selection widget for the horizontal scrollbar.
WID_VR_HSCROLLBAR  Horizontal scrollbar or the vehicle display.
WID_VR_SELECT_HEADER  Header with question about the cargo to carry.
WID_VR_MATRIX  Options to refit to.
WID_VR_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for the refit options.
WID_VR_INFO  Information about the currently selected refit option.
WID_VR_REFIT  Perform the refit.

Widgets of the VehicleDetailsWindow class.

WID_VD_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_VD_RENAME_VEHICLE  Rename this vehicle.
WID_VD_TOP_DETAILS  Panel with generic details.
WID_VD_INCREASE_SERVICING_INTERVAL  Increase the servicing interval.
WID_VD_DECREASE_SERVICING_INTERVAL  Decrease the servicing interval.
WID_VD_SERVICING_INTERVAL  Information about the servicing interval.
WID_VD_MIDDLE_DETAILS  Details for non-trains.
WID_VD_MATRIX  List of details for trains.
WID_VD_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for train details.
WID_VD_DETAILS_CARGO_CARRIED  Show carried cargo per part of the train.
WID_VD_DETAILS_TRAIN_VEHICLES  Show all parts of the train with their description.
WID_VD_DETAILS_CAPACITY_OF_EACH  Show the capacity of all train parts.
WID_VD_DETAILS_TOTAL_CARGO  Show the capacity and carried cargo amounts aggregrated per cargo of the train.

Widgets of the VehicleListWindow class.

WID_VL_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_VL_SORT_ORDER  Sort order.
WID_VL_SORT_BY_PULLDOWN  Sort by dropdown list.
WID_VL_LIST  List of the vehicles.
WID_VL_SCROLLBAR  Scrollbar for the list.
WID_VL_HIDE_BUTTONS  Selection to hide the buttons.
WID_VL_AVAILABLE_VEHICLES  Available vehicles.
WID_VL_MANAGE_VEHICLES_DROPDOWN  Manage vehicles dropdown list.
WID_VL_STOP_ALL  Stop all button.
WID_VL_START_ALL  Start all button.

Widgets of the ExtraViewportWindow class.

WID_EV_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_EV_VIEWPORT  The viewport.
WID_EV_ZOOM_IN  Zoom in.
WID_EV_ZOOM_OUT  Zoom out.
WID_EV_MAIN_TO_VIEW  Center the view of this viewport on the main view.
WID_EV_VIEW_TO_MAIN  Center the main view on the view of this viewport.

Widgets of the WaypointWindow class.

WID_W_CAPTION  Caption of window.
WID_W_VIEWPORT  The viewport on this waypoint.
WID_W_CENTER_VIEW  Center the main view on this waypoint.
WID_W_RENAME  Rename this waypoint.
WID_W_SHOW_VEHICLES  Show the vehicles visiting this waypoint.

Member Function Documentation

static void GSWindow::Close ( WindowClass  window,
uint32  number 
) [static]

Close a window.

window The class of the window to close.
number The number of the window to close, or NUMBER_ALL to close all of this class.

static bool GSWindow::IsOpen ( WindowClass  window,
uint32  number 
) [static]

Check if a window is open.

window The class of the window to check for.
number The number of the window to check for, or NUMBER_ALL to check for any in the class.
True if the window is open.

static void GSWindow::Highlight ( WindowClass  window,
uint32  number,
uint8  widget,
TextColour  colour 
) [static]

Highlight a widget in a window.

window The class of the window to highlight a widget in.
number The number of the window to highlight a widget in.
widget The widget in the window to highlight, or WIDGET_ALL (in combination with TC_INVALID) to disable all widget highlighting on this window.
colour The colour of the highlight, or TC_INVALID for disabling.

number != NUMBER_ALL.

colour < TC_END || (widget == WIDGET_ALL && colour == TC_INVALID).

IsOpen(window, number).

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