GSEvent Class Reference

Class that handles all event related functions. More...

Inheritance diagram for GSEvent:

GSEventAdminPort GSEventCompanyBankrupt GSEventCompanyInTrouble GSEventCompanyMerger GSEventCompanyNew GSEventGoalQuestionAnswer GSEventIndustryClose GSEventIndustryOpen GSEventStationFirstVehicle GSEventSubsidyAwarded GSEventSubsidyExpired GSEventSubsidyOffer GSEventSubsidyOfferExpired GSEventTownFounded GSEventVehicleCrashed GSEventWindowWidgetClick

Public Types

enum  GSEventType {
 The type of event. More...

Public Member Functions

 GSEvent (GSEvent::GSEventType type)
 Constructor of GSEvent, to get the type of event.
GSEventType GetEventType ()
 Get the event-type.

Detailed Description

Class that handles all event related functions.

You can lookup the type, and than convert it to the real event-class. That way you can request more detailed information about the event.

Member Enumeration Documentation

The type of event.

Needed to lookup the detailed class.

Member Function Documentation

GSEventType GSEvent::GetEventType (  )  [inline]

Get the event-type.

The GSEventType.

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